Skype for Business Server CU3 with 3 most wanted features

Microsoft have released the Skype for Business Server CU3 and it’s packed with 3 most wanted features, among the general bug fixes. The new features that it introduced are;

  • Busy on Busy (the most wanted)
  • Multiple Emergency Number Support
  • Video Based Screen Sharing

CU update it self and deployment information can be found in official Microsoft Support site. 

Busy on Busy

I get this feature asked all the time, when i replaced a legacy PBX with Skype for Business Server. Most of PBX users are not fond of getting multiple calls while they are in call with someone else and most of the time, it was raised as a concern.

Devices like Polycom VVX series have this feature built in to it. It was not really usable as it only works when the user only signed in to VVX and not Skype for Business and VVX at the same time. With this CU update, administrators have the capability to configure the voice policies to react in 2 different methods when user is busy with a call. These are;

  • Busy on Busy (Busy signal sent to calling party as the user is busy with another call)
  • Busy with Voicemail (Incoming all will be notified that the desired endpoint is busy and the call will be sent to the Voicemail)

Further information regarding the Busy on Busy option can be found here

Video based Screen Sharing

Video Based Screen Sharing (VBSS) is introduced as a better and efficient way to handle desktop sharing, oppose to the current RDP method within conferences. VBSS was already there with Skype for Business 16.xx as a default methodology for P2P desktop sharing. With the CU3 addition, VBSS will now be available to use within the conferences as well.

Further information regarding the VBSS functionality and enhancements can be found in Jeff’s blog post.

Multiple Emergency Number Support

Skype for Business Server only supported single emergency number. Some countries like Australia, there are multiple emergency numbers. Apart from the general 000, there is 112 that is widely used as well. With the new CU3 addition, both of these numbers can be configured within the Skype for Business Server.

Further information regarding the Multiple Emergency Number Support can be found here

The Skype for Business CU3 update can be download from official Microsoft site. The deployment instruction can be found here. It’s important to read the deployment instructions first. Also, this CU requires a back end database update. Do not forget that. Happy CU updating everyone.


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